Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Durham, North Carolina


Student comments from official course evaluations:

"Quite simply the best course I've had a chance to take at UNC. Tony Sease is a treasure, and I hope every undergraduate has the chance to take his course." - Undergraduate

“Best class I’ve taken at Duke. The assignments were challenging academically but also challenged my professional skills appropriately. Changed my entire outlook on the built environment - and its relationship economically and socially.”  -  Graduate student

 “Overall, a really great course, especially for a non-architect or non-engineer. … I’m very grateful for this class and the instructor.”  -  Graduate student

"Tony Sease is a fantastic professor. He clearly outlines what is expected of students over the course of the semester and individually. The projects were very helpful in gaining hands on experience with the concepts we covered in class. I also really enjoyed doing them." - Undergraduate

“Best course I have taken at Duke.  Would absolutely take any other class by this instructor or on this topic area.  Stimulating class with graduate level analysis.”  -  Graduate Student

“Highly knowledgeable subject matter expert who blended the concepts of sustainable cities and urban design exceptionally.”  -  Graduate student

“Tony is very willing to help his students in any way he can and makes a concerted effort to include relevant content and develop tangible skills.”  -  Undergraduate

“This class and Tony were fabulous.”  -  Graduate student

“Very practical course in regards to real-world problems and solutions. A lot of linkage to students’ personal lives.”  -  Graduate student

“This was an excellent course, one of my favorite ones at the Nicholas School/Duke. The instructor was very able, knowledgeable & enthusiastic.”  -  Graduate Student

“I find myself considering some of the aspects of sustainable/ successful design everywhere I go.”  
Graduate student

“Professor Sease was very enthusiastic about the course and cared whether students understood the subject matter…”  -  Undergraduate

"Really great class... Professor Sease is a trove of knowledge and incredibly helpful. He pays attention to what each student is interested in and really gives suggestions and resources to help us explore those topics futher (both for class assignments and for our own personal gain.)" - Graduate student

“Tapped into the creative and analytical sides of my brain; loved it.”  -  Graduate student

“Very well organized, logical, very informative and substantial”  -  Graduate student

“The instructor always encouraged class participation and actively engaged students in conversation.”  -  Graduate student

“Intellectual stimulation was high & the challenges posed by the subject matter & assignments were excellent & rewarding. Really a great course”  -  Graduate student

“Student/teacher interaction excellent - excellent response to questions.”  
Graduate student

"Tony is AWESOME! He made this course so much fun and interesting and was very responsive to emails. Returned grades quickly and really encouraged student interest."
Graduate student

“Excellent course overall.  Very well presented in terms of expressing the contents in an organized fashion to a group (of) people from different backgrounds.”  -  Graduate Student

Since 2004 Tony has taught nearly twenty courses across graduate and undergraduate levels at Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. These courses include:

Duke University, Nicholas School of the Environment, MEM program:
    ENVIRON 590.37 Sustainable Cities and 
         Urban Design

UNC-CH Institute of the Enviroment:
     ENEC 420 - Green Architecture and
          Community Design

UNC-CH City and Regional Planning:
     PLAN 651 Urban form and design of cities      PLAN 752 Site planning & sustainable
          community design
     PLAN 745 Development Impact Assessment
     PLAN 246 Cities of the Future

From handwritten notes and e-mails:

“Thank you so much for a great semester.  Your class was one of the best I've taken at UNC and was always a highlight of my week!”  
- Undergraduate

“Thank you for a great semester - your class has been one of the best of my undergraduate career.” - Undergraduate

"was a student in your Green Architecture course ... it was my favorite course that I took in college and has influenced my career goals and dreams much more so than any other..." - Undergraduate

“I want you to know that your class has not only profoundly impacted the way I experience human environments, but has also given me an invaluable foundation in this field which I plan to dedicate my life to. I regret that you do not teach classes every semester, but I also recognize the value in having a practicing designer instead of an academic as an instructor.  Thank you for making this an inspiring semester.”  
 - Undergraduate